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Spam Policy

Simply put, we do not allow spamming. Period.

We try very hard to keep SPAM out of our users' mailboxes. Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Every SPAM makes you less happy about our service.
  2. Every SPAM costs us money in bandwidth, disk space and frustration.
  3. Every SPAM makes our own advertisements less valuable.

We assert sole right of advertising to our users. Anything else is stealing from us and trespassing on our property.

Please report SPAMmers to us and to their service providers.

More specifically, we implement several policies to discourage spammers from using our facilities and to protect our users against spam messages:

  • We filter against known spam addresses.
  • We disable spammers immediately.
    • We monitor traffic patterns. If an address fits a pattern we associate with spammers, we investigate.
    • We pay attention to complaints about our addresses. Send complaints about spam from users to
  • We do not relay messages. To foil spammers, we do not accept email that is from a address and to a address.
  • We limit the number of recipients per message. If a user needs a higher limit, the user can ask.

We also encourage other sites to implement similar policies. CAUCE has good materials for education about SPAM, its effects and how to combat it.

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