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There are two ways you can authenticate to send email through : SMTP AUTH and POP First.

You should use SMTP AUTH if your email program supports it. These days, most of them do. POP First is a kludge from our early days, before SMTP AUTH was available.

SMTP AUTH authenticates you directly with our SMTP server. This is transparent to you as a user. If you use POP First, you have to check for new mail before you send a message, which you will find is less convenient.

We will eventually phase out POP First, so please start using SMTP AUTH now.

  1. What is SMTP AUTH?

    SMTP is the protocol (the language) your email program uses to send email through our email server. AUTH is the part of that protocol that is used to verify that you are one of our users.

  2. How do I turn on SMTP AUTH?

    It varies...

    In Netscape Messenger 4, simply type your username below the SMTP server name.

    In Outlook Express, click the button marked "My Server Requires Authentication".

  3. Why can't I send email?

    You need to authenticate before you can send email, much like you need to authenticate before you download your email. You can use either SMTP AUTH or POP First to authenticate for sending.

    Alternatively, have you violated your Service Agreement or used your account in an abusive fashion? If so, perhaps we canceled your account.

  4. How do I use POP First?

    Briefly, check for new email before you send your message.

    POP is the protocol (language) your email program uses to download your email from our email server. Our email server briefly remembers that you checked for new mail, and allows you to send email during that period.

  5. I use Outlook / Outlook Express.

    You should use an email program that is more resistant to virii and worms. But if you insist:

    Use SMTP AUTH. Click the button marked "Server Requires Authentication". It's below the SMTP server name. There's a similar button right next to it, so make sure you hit the right one. The other button should not be checked.

  6. Great. Neither works with my email program. Now what?

    Too bad. Tell the author of you email program. Better yet, use a modern email program.

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